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About Us

Kiruna Capital Partners is a company that specializes in structuring and managing real estate investment vehicles, as well as supporting strategic clients’ and investors’ real estate planning and investment objectives.

Our Objective

Our goal is to become one of the leading and most recognized real estate managers in the country. We offer alternative investment products to suit a range of investor needs by leveraging three core competencies:

Clear market understanding

We rely on our Partner team’s extensive real estate and financial know-how, combined with in-house industry experts, to identify, structure and deliver attractive investment products.

Unique insight into investor needs

Before structuring or improving our strategies, we conduct in-depth research on investor needs and preferences in order to deliver innovative products that offer benefits above and beyond investors’ expectations

An experienced, results-driven team

Anchoring our relentless development of innovative investment strategies and solutions, we believe in forging strategic alliances with key players that can broaden our market understanding and strengthen our products.

Our Team


At Kiruna Capital Partners people is invaluable and we constantly seek the best talent. Check additional information on our organization and submit your resume.

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